This group has effectively entered to the international business and trade field in 1995. Not so long for that success it has achieved.
May be the main reasons for that success were the good personal and business reputation gained from local clients and authorities being dealt with. In addition to the great accuracy in choosing employees, agents and sub-contractors too.
Rates and prices quoted by all divisions of the
TRUST GROUP are so far attractive if compared to the high standard of products and services offered in return.
On the other hand, having its own following divisions:
1. International freight forwarding division.
2. Express courier division.
3. Shipping & chartering division.
4. Sellers & buyers representation division.
5. Tourism division
6. Textiles manufacturing and trading.
…. was the most effective tool which has given co-ordination power among all these divisions and their global agents resulting in excellent solutions for our clients' inquiries.
Due to the geographical fact, our country EGYPT is situated in a very good position among countries and continents. Having more than seven international sea ports on the Mediterranean Sea, Red sea and the Nile. In addition to many big passenger & cargo air ports all over the country. 70'000'000 constant inhabitants' hospitality and consummation has normally attracted tourists and investors to the country.
This has given
TRUST GROUP's divisions the chance to twinkle in transit and redistribution business from / to any where.
Now you are invited to be our guest in this short tour through our divisions……..just click the concerned link to the left.



is 100% owned by TRUST GROUP EG It has been well known as an international FIATA member since 1999, while it was locally established in Egypt since 1995.

Management offices are situated in Cairo and Alexandria. While executive offices cover all of the Egyptian sea & air ports and industrial cities. Our staff sums up to 51 employees.

A reliable network of agents supports us nearly all over the globe. The fact that has given us the power and ability to offer very good standard of door-to-door services against competitive rates.

Trust freight International ltd. staff is very well experienced in all aspects related to all modes of international transportation and concerned local services as well.

We handle all kinds of commercial and personal goods. Export & import traffics. Air, sea and land freights.

Sea and air consolidation is one of the services that we are well known for. As we are operating our regular and steady export consols to the majority of the globe's ports. While we neutrally handle the incoming consols from different consolidators abroad to Egypt.

Our automated system is in daily update and development to convoy our clients and agents' needs. This is achieved through our continuous reports automatically sent to all of them.

It would be our pleasure to open that door of co-operation and to be of your assistance here in EGYPT and may be in other countries as well...






In 2008, Trust Group EG has opened a new door of business which is textile manufacturing. CITRUS is the registered trade mark. Locally and internationally.
Our first specialty is woman wear. Modern and classic. Italian and French designs have given our products the touch of femininity.
Besides, CITRUS has gained a remarkable fame among the few big names producing pregnant wear.
In a short time, CITRUS is now receiving continuous orders for production and local sales all over Egypt.
While some positive negotiations have started concerning export orders too.
To see CITRUS unique products, you may visit our show room at Horus Trading center, Cleopatra street, Masr Al-Gadida, Cairo.
You may also skim over our recent online catalogue to see our special designs of UNIFORMS. All what Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Factories and other organizations may need.
Orders and inquiries are welcome any time at our e-mail address:







Trade is known as the exchange of capital, goods, and services, locally or across international borders.  It refers to exports of goods and services by a reliable firm which can represent a significant share of gross domestic product and international connections.

TRUST TRADE is one of the leaders who could do that under the umbrella of Trust Group EG.

Industrialization, advanced transportation, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourcing are all having a major impact on our success.

International trade is in principle not different from domestic trade as the motivation and the behavior of parties involved in a trade does not change fundamentally depending on whether trade is across a border or not.

The main difference is that international trade needs more professionalism than domestic trade. The reason is that a border typically imposes additional conditions such as special standard of production, tariffs, and time costs due to border delays and costs associated with country differences such as language, the legal system or a different culture. But due to the long old experience of our group, all these have been perfectly controlled leading to excellent results.

Marble, frozen & fresh food stuff, wool & silk carpets, textiles, leather products and herbs are our main exports. While our imports include any kind of products that the Egyptian market may require.



has been built by Trust Group EG. in 1999 to cover multi-modal transportation of sea, ocean and air freight shipments handled by its companyTrust freight International ltd. The TRUST LINE bill is issued for sea freight, air freight and land freight transportation, in addition to other complimentary services that may be requested by our clients.

It may also include different means of transportation and several stops and destinations according to customer's needs.

TRUST LINE's bills are accepted by local and international authorities and banks, the fact that helps our clients to fulfill their shipping documentation, delivery and funds settlement in no time. While it is easy to amend those bills at once and at no extra cost if necessary.

TRUST LINE is concerned with sea and air chartering as well. Developing network of ship owners and brokers worldwide is adding more power to our shipping services day by day.

For any shipping request you can contact our shipping department over the 24 hours, 7 days a week.


You ask … We deliver !

We'll do whatever it takes to prove that we value your business.

Since 1995, TRUST COURIER EXPRESS has been steadily expanding and improving its services to meet all your Courier, Freight and Warehousing needs.

We believe there are four good reasons to call on us: superior service, reliability, flexibility and exceptional value.

We have worked hard to earn a reputation of excellence, but that doesn't mean we have ever stopped seeking ways to better serve our customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No task is too large or small. We transport everything from envelopes, parcels, medical specimens to cargo requiring boxed trucks or tractor-trailers.

By every measure, we are an industry leader in same-day transportation.

Whether you have a shipment that requires special care, rush delivery, or you just want superior service at a fair market price, you owe it to your business to try





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